Daniel Toillion

Welcome to the web-home of Daniel Toillion! - a skateboard-obsessed, animal-loving, coffee-fueled web developer who spends his free time making games and drawing Aaahh!!! Real Monsters fan art. I envision a world where adults play with LEGOs and robots do the driving.

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Design & Code

As a UI / UX Contractor based out of Amsterdam, I specialize in responsive, browser compliant applications and websites. Collaborating on everything from video games to online stores, with a passion for design and technology. You can see more examples of my straight-to-code designs on CodePen.

Video Games

Development and design for video games, mostly in Unity3D. You can play a couple of my more complete projects on itch.io.

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Art, Photo & Video

Drawings, cartoons, timelapse videos and YouTube bits are among some of the things I experiment with in between projects. See more of my video projects on my YouTube channel.

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